If your school or district uses the ONLINE RECOMMENDATIONS Pro Feature to allow applicants to request recommendations from teachers, recommender accounts will be created upon the applicant making the request.  

1.  REQUEST ONLINE RECOMMENDATION NEW RECOMMENDER - When the applicant enters the recommender's email address into the 'Request Recommendation" form as part of the application process, a recommender account is automatically created for the recommender in question and an email notification goes out to the email address entered by the applicant with login instructions. 

The email will contain the following text by default:

Hello {$recommender->name},

{$student->fname} {$student->lname} has requested an online recommendation for their application with {$program->title}.


We have created a new account for you. Please login to our system at {SITE_URL}/recommendations with the login information below:

Email: {$recommender->email}

Password: {$password} (*we recommend changing this password upon first login)

All recommendations for {$program->title} must be completed by {RECOMMENDATION_DATE}.

This text can be edited to be personalized for your school or district by going to SETTINGS>>CONTENT & LETTERS>>REQUEST ONLINE RECOMMENDATION NEW RECOMMENDER.