Support is offered to members of your team who have been officially trained by the Smart Choice staff.  The following items are included in our Standard Support Package and are noted for your reference below:


  • Bug Fixes - Bug fixes are defined as errors and issues with existing programming in the Smart Choice system. Please note that delays or additional programming or support needed due to issues with 3rd parties are the responsibility of the client.

  • Estimates for New Requests - Bid Developments or estimates for new customization requests

  • Included Support Hours - Based on your package size you are allotted a set number of non-billable hours to be used towards phone support, meetings and general questions asked via the ticketing portal that are not deemed a bug fix. The hourly breakdown for each package is noted below: 

    • Single - 10 hours per school year    

    • Small - 14 hours per school year    

    • Medium/Large - 16 hours per school year                                 

    • X Large - 18 hours per school year

  • Phone Support - Scheduled phone calls with a member of our account staff to facilitate bug fixes, discussion of new customization requests & project updates on approved customization requests and training / system specific questions. Phone calls are to be scheduled and are subject to your account manager’s availability. 

    • Phone calls for training and system specific questions are allowed up to a 15 minute time frame based on availability of your account manager.

    • Training questions and system questions via phone should not take the place of scheduling a formal training or developing a manual if more detailed help is needed. 

  • Meetings - (performed via zoom) Quarterly or four scheduled meetings on an annual basis. Meetings must be scheduled with a member of our account staff in advance and are subject to account manager availability. During this meeting anything can be reviewed or discussed, training questions, system review, ticket review and more. We suggest that prior to the meeting you prepare an agenda of items that you wish to discuss to ensure that the time can be as efficient as possible.

  • Online Ticketing - Access to online ticketing portal to submit issues and problems, ask general questions, browse knowledge base and request new features

Resolution Timeframes - Once a ticket is presented by the client with sufficient information and examples, the ticket is confirmed by account service or support staff and assigned a priority based on the following measures. 

Priority Expectations: 

  • Highest - System is down and parents are not able to submit applications - immediate response and resolution within 1-4 hours 

  • High - One of the main modules is down and directly affecting the submission of applications or parent functions - turnaround within 4-12 hours 

  • Medium - Errors or Issues occurring that are not directly affecting the submission of applications of parent functions - turnaround within 1 to 5 business days

  • Low - Design Issues, content changes etc. - turnaround within a business week to 10 business days 

  • Lowest - Requests, usability changes, etc. - turnaround within a business week to 10 business days or 4 to 6 weeks for maintenance requests.  Be mindful that work is scheduled based on the overall estimate but 4 to 6 weeks should be expected for completion

Peak Season Timeline - During the “peak season” (defined as October 1st through March 31st ) all requests and new work have a turn around time or completion rate of a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks from approval.  The overall completion timeline can also be directly affected by the amount of hours needed to complete the task in the estimate provided.  Changes to requirements, scope of work or approved specification documents can alter the completion date.

Scheduling - Work is not placed into the production schedule until the scope of work or specification is defined and approved in writing and signed.  Once scheduled our account staff will keep the client up to date on the progress of the work, but a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks for completion should be expected.  Once the work is completed and presented to the client, testing and feedback from the client is required within a specified period of time to retain the work’s placement on the production schedule.

Rush Fees- Time sensitive requests not requested at least 6 weeks prior to use may (should it be WILL) entail a rush fee of 25% of the estimated cost for development and testing depending on season and pipeline.  Our account staffwill notify the client of the rush fee and get approval prior to commencement of work. Be mindful that not all rushed work will be able to be accommodated depending on the production schedule.

Additional Account Service/Support Packages - If you feel like the Standard Support Package will not be sufficient for your team’s needs there is the opportunity to establish a more advanced Support Package with us. If you wish to proceed with a more advanced package we will develop an agreement which will include a bank of Account Service & Support hours to be used at your discretion based on the availability of our account staff. Once you and your team fulfill all of the included support items in our Standard Support Package, your support will begin being deducted from your bank of hours. These hours are billed as used at $100 an hour in 30 minute increments. If you are not sure if you need additional hours above the Standard Support Package your account manager can provide a report of your support hours used in the past to help establish your needs. 

As Needed Support - If you feel like the Standard Support Package will be sufficient for your team’s needs your account manager will document the time used and will alert you as you are reaching the limit of this package. At that point you can opt to establish a support agreement as noted above or you can opt to be billed monthly as additional support is used. Our out of contract support rates are billed at $125 an hour in 30 minute increments. 

Team Management - In order to better serve you and your users, after your implementation is complete we will designate a group of account service team members to service and manage your account to assist with your ticketing and account needs.  Your project will still be maintained by a project lead but other team members will be assisting in ticketing, troubleshooting and general support. This will afford you support from our entire account management staff through the ticketing portal.