Support is offered to members of your team who have been officially trained by the Smart Choice staff.  The following items are included in our Standard Support Package and are noted for your reference below:

  • Online Ticketing - Access to online ticketing portal to submit issues and problems, ask general questions, browse knowledge base, and request new features. 
  • Bug Fixes - Fixes to pragmatically broken elements in the system.  Bug fixes are defined as errors and issues with existing, documented programming in the system.
  • New Requests - If new features are needed, bid developments or estimates and discussion to develop these estimates for new request are included as part of the discovery process. 
  • Phone Support - Scheduled phone calls with your account manager to facilitate bug fixes, discussion of new customization requests & project updates on approved customization requests and training / system specific questions. Phone calls are to be scheduled and are subject to your account manager’s availability.  
    • Phone calls and emails requesting training and system specific questions are allowed up to a 15 minute time frame based on availability of your account manager and are limited to 4 calls per month or up to 1 hour of email support for system specific questions. 
    • Training and system specific questions via phone or email should not take the place of scheduling a formal training or developing a manual if more detailed help is needed. 
  • Meetings (via gotomeeting) - If needed your Account Manager can complete virtual meetings to be done quarterly or as needed up to 4 each year.  Meetings must be scheduled with your account manager in advance and are subject to account manager availability. During this meeting anything can be reviewed or discussed including training questions, system review, ticket review and more. We suggest that you put together an agenda of items that you wish to discuss prior to the meeting to ensure that the time can be as efficient as possible. 

Packages and Allowances

Single - 30 minutes per meeting

Small - 45 minutes per meeting

Medium - 1 hour per meeting

Large - 1 hour per meeting

X Large - 90 minutes per meeting

Additional Account Service/Support Packages - If you feel like the Standard Support package will not be sufficient for your team’s needs, we offer an Advanced Support package. Advanced Support packages are designed to include additional support hours that are discounted and used once your team has utilized the balance of hours included in your Standard Support package.These hours are billed, as used, at $100 an hour in 30 minute increments.  If you are not sure if you need additional hours beyond the Standard Support Package your account manager can pull a report of your support hours used in the past to help establish your needs. 

As Needed Support - The support time provided in our Standard Support package will be tracked and your account manager will alert you as you near the hourly limits. At that point, if additional support is needed, you can opt to establish a support agreement as noted above, or you can opt to be billed monthly as additional support is used. Our out of contract support rates are billed at $125 an hour in 30 minute increments.