To begin the form building process, it is best to duplicate an existing form that is similar to the needs of your new form rather than starting from scratch. First you will go to the Form Builder within SETTINGS>>MANAGE FORMS.   Then click on Application & Registration Forms. From here, click on the Edit button next to form you wish to duplicate and then you'll be given the option to "Duplicate Process":


Next you'll see a form listed as "FORM PROCESS NAME (Copy)", you'll want to click Edit, edit the form's name, and click Save.

Now you can click on the "Steps" button and go into that application and edit the questions. To access the questions in each step, you will click on the "Fields" button to the right of each Step name.

To delete a question, click on the "-" button:


To change the verbiage on a question, click the "Edit" button:


To add a question below where you are on the form, click on the "+" button:


When adding a question, you'll be presented with the following options:


1. Field Type: To choose the field type, you can click on the "?" and it will show you all the options available and pictures of what that'll look like. i.e. First Name will be "text". Multiple choice will be "radio button" or "checkboxes".

2. Field Label: This is what the title of the question will be. NOTE -- If the label is more than 3 words, you'll want to add an open question block before and a close question block after the question. (Open/Close question blocks are an option to choose in "Field Type"

3. Save to: This will typically always be "Student". The only time you'll want to change this is if the question will have a different answer for every application. In that case, it will be saved to the "Application".

4. Field Name: If the question already exists on another application, you'll want to use the same name. If this is a new question, you'll want to have a short word to describe the question. For example, "School Currently Attending" is currentschool.

5. Side Note: You can leave this blank unless you'd like the parent to see a side note about this question.

6. Require: Check this box if you want the question required to the parent.

7. Require Admin: Check this box if you want the question required on the admin side. The admin will not be able to save the application if this question is not answered.