Smart Choice forms are multi step allowing parents to easily save and exit the form if they wish to come back to it at a later time. 

The system does require that all required fields (marked with a red asterick) be completed on the form step that you wish to save from.  At the bottom of each step there will be the option to Continue to the next step or "Save and Exit" or "Save and Logout". The verbiage on the button may differ based on school/district preferences. 

Upon clicking the "Save and Exit" button, you will be prompted to review and approve message below noting that you truly wish to save and exit and what that means for your application status. 

Once you confirm by clicking "OK" you will see a successful message at the top of the page and you will now be logged out of your account. 

Upon logging back into your account, your parent dashboard will note which step you left off on for the application in question with the ability to edit.