If the school or district you have applied to runs a lottery to select students they have options on how they can contact you through the Smart Choice system. 

1.  Email - The school/district most often will send out an automated email notification at the completion of the lottery letting you know your student's placement status. This email notification would be sent to your email address that you used to create your Smart Choice account.  

2. Dashboard Notification - Often the school/district will also place the student's placement status on your parent dashboard.  Each school and district manages their own settings to determine what details show up on the dashboard.  The dashboard can contain various placement details including but not limited to "Accepted" "On the Waiting List" and "# on the Waiting List"

Smart Choice does not administer or manage placements or notification details. If you have any questions regarding your students' placement or notification of placement please contact the school or district you have applied to.