Smart Choice is an online student application, registration, lottery and wait list management solution. While many of your systems features are discussed here in our solutions area, each system does have specific configurations based on your school or district's processes.  If you have not been formally trained by a Smart Choice Account Manager that is the first step in the process. 


Training is completed via webX and is recorded for your convenience. Training sessions can be scheduled through your account manager and all training is completed in 15 minute increments at $100 per hour.  In order to be supported on the Smart Choice system you must have been trained by a Smart Choice team member. 

Accessing your System 

Each system has both a development site (dev site) and a live site.  The development site is used to test features and processes and items changed on the dev site do not affect the live site.  The live site is the site that is accessible to your parents and houses your real application and student data. It is important to never test or manipulate data for testing purposes on the live site. The development sites are restricted by IP address, so if you are not able to access your development site contact your account manager with your IP address to gain access. 


Your annual hosting and licensing covers support as noted in our Standard Support Policies for all trained members of your staff as well as verified code based bugs. Support is handled through our online ticketing portal, phone and email as noted in our support policies.  Each support ticket is assigned a priority based on type which will determine its resolution time. You can read more on resolution times in our service level agreement. You can opt for additional support packages based on need.  You can learn more on this here. 


Once the initial proposal or proposal limits have been completed, other requests, customizations, changes, training and consulting can be completed as maintenance work in line with our maintenance processes noted below. 

Maintenance Request Process

Once the initial implementation is complete or the proposal limits from the original agreement have been exhausted, all new requested changes, work & customizations to the system and accompanying website would be considered maintenance work. 

Maintenance includes any additional work, changes or development done for the client that is not associated with the resolution of an established code related bug. These services include but are not limited to content integration and revision, design services, programming services, copywriting services, hosting services, production services, application design or development services and consulting, training or testing services.

Work is estimated out by the hour or by the module by the client’s Project Manager based on the information provided.  Some work may require a specification to be developed. This document will detail out the request and its features for review and approval by both parties. Upon signature of the specification the work is approved and will be scheduled. Changes to the specification and scope of work once the work has begun can directly reflect the completion timeframe and overall cost. Please see Change Management policies in your original agreement. 


Maintenance work is not scheduled until approved by the client in writing or via a signed specification.

Timeline and Scheduling

Peak Season Timeline

During the “peak season” (defined as October 1st through March 31st ) all requests and new work have a completion rate of 4 to 6 weeks from approval.  The overall completion timeline can also be directly affected by the amount of hours needed to complete the task in the estimate provided.  Changes to requirements, scope of work or approved specification documents can also alter the completion date. Please see Change Management in your original agreement for more information.  


Work is not put on the schedule until the scope of work or specification is defined and approved in writing and or signed.  Once scheduled the Account Manager will keep the client up to Date on the progress of the work, but a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks for completion should be expected.  Once the work is completed and presented to the client, testing and feedback from the client is required within a specified period of time to retain the work’s location on the schedule. Please see Change Management in your agreement for more information.

Rush Fees

Time sensitive requests not requested at least 6 weeks prior to use may entail a rush fee of 25% of the estimated cost for development and testing depending on season and pipeline.  The account manager will notify the client of the rush fee and get approval prior to commencement of work. Be mindful that not all rushed work will be able to be accommodated depending on the production schedule.