If an administrator has an account with your system and no longer needs access due to a job change or other reason, you have the option to deactivate them. 

Users are not deleted as it would delete all associated changes along with them. If you wish to remove an admin user's rights to the system you will remove their access to all programs. To do so, you will go to Users

Then click on Administrators and find the account you are wanting to deactivate.  Once you find the account you will click the "EDIT" button to the right of the user's name. 

Once in the Edit view of the user you will uncheck any programs the user has access to in the right side of the screen then click SAVE. If you have a checkbox for "Allow Admin Access" you can simply uncheck this box for the user in question and save as an alternate route. 

The administrative user will no longer have rights to any application, registration or placement data or tools.