The Scheduling Module is an optional Pro Feature that allows you to create and manage appointments and offer applicants the ability to schedule appointments during their application and registration form processes. This module is optional and would have been added as part of your original project or a maintenance project based on your needs. If you do not have the scheduling module and would like more information about adding this to your system, please contact your account manager.

Settings Up Appointment Types

To set up appointment types you must first click into the Scheduling Module in the main top menu of your administrative area of your system. Once within the Scheduling Module you will click the Manage Appointments button on the top right of the screen. 

From here, click on the Add New Appointment button and fill out the following:

Please note that depending on when your system was installed will determine what fields/settings you have in this area. 

  • Appointment Name - Be descriptive in naming your appointments to make it easier to tie these appointments to form steps and programs later. 
  • Email Notifications To - This is an optional field. You can enter in a single email or multiple email addresses (separated by commas) and the administrator(s) will get an email every time a student schedules this appointment type.
  • Timeslots From - When the timeslots will begin and end for this appointment type
  • Timeslots Every - Frequency of appointment slots
  • Appointment Length
  • Email Notifications - These dropdowns allow you to set email notifications for the specific appointment type being edited, you can learn more about this here.
  • Single Appointment per Student - If this is checked off, the student will be allowed to only schedule this appointment once no matter how many programs or schools they apply to. This is normally used for things like standardized testing that are specific to the student rather than to the program or school they are applying to. 
  • Allow Family Scheduling - If this is checked off, the parent will be allowed to only schedule this appointment once no matter how many students are attached to their parent account. This is normally used for family interviews or school tours. 
  • Allow Scoring - If this is checked off, it allows administrators to enter in scores for student appointments scheduled under this type. 
  • Display Options - If checked this hides times with no open time slots from the parent view. 
  • Show For: This would be used if you are using both the Application and Enrollment module. If checked the appointment type will show up for the related module selected. 

Once your appointment is set up, you can click on the Time Slot button next to the appointment name. From here, you'll be brought to the calendar page where you can select the date from the left and then click the "Add Slot" button for the time frame needed. Once you click the "Add Slot" button, you will be prompted to note how many slots you wish to add for the timeframe selected.


You can learn more about scheduling in this video.