Documents can be used to incorporate links to downloadable documents in custom forms or in email notifications to parents. 

To use documents in their forms or email or notifications you first must upload these documents to your system. From the admin area, you will travel to the DOCUMENTS module or MY DOCUMENTS link in the utility navigation of your system. 


Once in the Documents area you will see a list of all documents already uploaded to your system with the ability to ADD A NEW FILE, VIEW, EDIT or DELETE existing files / documents. 

To add a new document you will click the ADD NEW FILE button to upload the document. 

Once clicked it will open up a screen allowing you to enter in details about the document:

File Description - This is the name of the document and should be used to later recall this document when attempting to include it in forms or emails. 

Select File - You will click the CHOOSE FILE button and browse and select the file from your machine. 

Make Public -

  • Yes, allow anyone with a link to this file to download. - You will need to select this option if you are including this file in forms or email. This is the most commonly used publicity setting for documents. 
  • No, make this file private for only my use - This is rarely used and would make the file only viewable to the admin who uploaded it. 

Once uploaded you will click SAVE and you will be forwarded back to the main listing of documents with the ability to VIEW, EDIT OR DELETE THE FILE.